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Breaking news Core removing struggle Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

The first robot that entered Reactor 1 died in 5 hours

Following up this article.. Tepco started stating molten fuel might be out of pedestal of Reactor 1 [URL]   On 4/10/2015, Tepco announced their first robot for Reactor 1 stopped moving after

Breaking news Fukushima Plant Plant hazard

A thermometer of Reactor 2 indicates a rapid increase of temperature / From 20℃ to 70℃ within 6 hours

According to Tepco’s plant parameter, one of the thermometers in Reactor 2 is showing an abnormal increase of temperature. The data is published every 6 hours. The thermometer is located

Breaking news Core removing struggle Fukushima Plant

Nagoya Uni “Significantly small amount of fuel remaining in Reactor 2” / No announcement about underground

Related to this article.. IRID SAW no fuel or water remaining in reactor core of Reactor 1 [URL]   On 3/20/2015, Nagoya University announced they SAW the remaining nuclear fuel in

Breaking news Core removing struggle Fukushima Plant

Tepco to start “scanning” inside of Reactor 1 in early February by using muon

Photo : A sample image of muon scanning method inside of a nuclear reactor.   On 12/25/2014, Tepco announced they are going to scan inside of Reactor 1 ~ 3

Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Crawler inspector found extremely radioactive “something” on the bottom of suppression chamber Reactor2

On 9/30/2014, Tepco published the video record of Reactor2 taken by the crawler inspector. It is a part of the coolant system, “S/C (suppression chamber)” of Reactor2. The inspector robot

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Coolant water gradually leaking out of Reactor2 / Water level only 30cm from the vessel bottom, half of last year

The coolant water level is only 30cm from the bottom of Reactor2. Tepco released the report on 6/9/2014.   From 6/5 to 6/6/2014, Tepco finally installed the new thermometers and

Core removing struggle

2.4 Sv/h on the basement floor of reactor1

↑ 2.4 Sv/h was measured around this point.     ↑ Steel plate lay over the aisle.   Following up this article.. [Video] Tepco identified a leaking part on reactor1

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle

[Video] Tepco identified a leaking part on reactor1 vessel / Pipes are rusted and starting deteriorated

  ↑ The leaking part on the pipe connected to reactor1 vessel     Following up this article.. [Video] Reactor1 confirmed leaking out the coolant water / 2.0 Sv/h [URL]

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle

[Video] Reactor3 coolant water leaking out of the pipe to flow in the direction of the sea / Building floor rusted

  Following up this article.. [Reactor3] 1st floor : 16℃, 2nd floor : 9℃ / The deeper you go, the warmer it gets at 4m from the primary vessel [URL]

Contaminated water crisis Core removing struggle Plant hazard

[Deteriorating plant] Reactor 1 thermometer malfunctioned “due to the leaked rainwater”

One of the thermometers in reactor1 malfunctioned due to the leaked rainwater, according to Tepco. It is assumed to take 40 years to decommission the crippled Fukushima plant. It’s been