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3 prisoners died in Abashiri prison only within a month, MOJ “Very unusual”

  Death case of Abashiri prison (Hokkaido) is increasing since April of 2012. 7 prisoners have died since 4. 2012, and 3 of them died only in one month of


The count of influenza cases per medical institution is the highest in Fukushima all around in Japan

According to National Institute of Infectious Diseases, influenza cases has been rapidly increasing in every prefecture since the beginning of 2013. The count of influenza cases per medical institution is

Column Malformation

[Column] Looking into the outbreak of norovirus. Is it mutation ? or ..

Norovirus is having an outbreak all around in Japan. A variant of norovirus was found and it is supposed to be the cause of it. However, food-poisoning is not equally


[Mutation] Variant of norovirus outbreak, spreading to out of Japan

According to National institute of infectious diseases, variant of norovirus (GII/4 2012) was found. In October of 2012, there was a mass infection of norovirus in 2 welfare facilities of Niigata prefecture.


Fukushima medical uni “It’s important to collect medical data before outbreak to come in 4~5 years”

Fukushima local government is keeping people within the prefecture as if Fukushima accident put no impact. However, Fukushima medical university is actually aware of the health risk related to Fukushima