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Fukushima journalist “Oshidori” found several wiretaps around them

The independent Fukushima journalist duo “Oshidori” found they were wiretapped. (cf, Independent Fukushima watcher Oshidori “Root of a tooth is frequently broken” [URL])   22:08 6/5/2014 (JST) “I wonder if

Effects to be confirmed

Independent Fukushima watcher Oshidori “Root of a tooth is frequently broken”

Related to this article.. Japanese citizen “3 teeth fell out within a day” [URL]   Oshidori, the independent Japanese journalist duo specialized in Fukushima accident (cf, Tepco did not conduct

Contaminated water crisis

[Suspicion] Tepco stated they won’t analyze leaking water for α nuclide “by mistake”

About the major leakage of highly contaminated water, Fukushima Diary reported Tepco hasn’t decided when to announce Plutonium concentration in the leaking water. (cf, [Leakage] Plutonium concentration in the leaking


[Express] Oshidori “had fever of over 38℃ for 4 times this year already”

Independent journalist / comedian Oshidori is having health problems. Fukushima Diary wrote the column about them on 2/24/2013. [URL]   <Translate> Me and my husband had fever yesterday suddenly. He


[Column] Save the real journalists

  Oshidori mako / ken They were Japanese comedian but showed their anti-nuclear attitude clearly after 311. Just like Fukushima Diary and other blogs, they quit trusting mass media never,

Confirmed effects Effects to be confirmed

Additional 200 children to have re-examination of thyroid in Fukushima

On 2/13/2013, Fukushima Diary reported 3 children had thyroid cancer in Fukushima, and additional 7 children are likely to have thyroid cancer for 80% of possibility as well. [URL] So


National Institute of Public Health,”To make Africa accept nuclear plants, people must take risk and stay in Fukushima”

According to Japanese journalists and comedian duo Oshidori, National Institute of Public Health thinks Fukushima people must accept the radiation risk otherwise they can’t make African nations, South Korea and