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One of the largest Japanese Fukushima blogs suddenly closed without any notice

One of the largest / longest surviving Japanese Fukushima blogs was suddenly closed on 10/2/2014. It’s “Melt through of a nuclear plant somewhere”, had a few thousands of visitors everyday.


Democrat member “The center of gov is getting scared of the protest. They will start blocking.”

Some of the Democratic party members joined the protest, and one of them, a member of the house of councilors tweeted like these below,     昨夕の警察の対応については、内閣委員会の重鎮に電話で報告しました。もっとまともにやるように圧力かけていただきます。約束してもらいましたし、私もチェックします。 — 谷岡郁子さん (@kunivoice)