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Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

The roof of North-West part of Reactor 3 had been collapsed in 3. 2011 – Photo

On 7/11/2014, Tepco announced the roof of North-Western part of Reactor3 had been collapsed during 311. The operation floor, the top of Reactor 3 building therefore has no “floor” in

Core removing struggle

[Video] Tepco investigated operation floor of reactor3 / Shield plug subsided by 30cm

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Tepco to investigate the operating floor of reactor2 by drilling from the top of the building

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Plant hazard

Thermography shows 50℃ on operation floor of “steaming” reactor3

Following up this article..Tepco “Steaming area of reactor3 is 18~25℃ by thermography on 7/20/2013″ [URL] From the thermography picture published on 7/22/2013, some parts are nearly 50℃ on the operation


Extremely radioactive debris found on the top of reactor3 North side, Tepco “Safely moved to the South side”

On 5/4/2013, Tepco released the press release to announce they found the extremely radioactive debris on the top of reactor3. At this moment, English version of the report is not


Tepco investigated the operation floor of reactor2 with gamma camera

On 2/21/2013, Tepco investigated the operation floor (5F) of reactor2 with gamma camera.           http://photo.tepco.co.jp/en/date/2013/201302-e/130222-01e.html     Iori Mochizuki _____ Français : Tepco explore l’étage opérationnel


Video of reinvestigation of reactor1 operation floor with balloon equipment

The atmospheric dose of the second floor of reactor1 building was 150.5mSv/h. (cf. 150.5 mSv/h on the second floor of reactor1) Tepco released the English version of the data on