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[Column] Crisis in NYC

In Bulgaria, they said Romania is dangerous, I shouldn’t go. Actually it isn’t. In Romania, they said things are very cheap in Bulgaria, and actually they aren’t. Outside of America,


[Column] Church, Chanel, and an old woman

An old woman called me from the other side of the narrow street. In the Spring weather, I was walking on the winding street surrounded by old European style of

Confirmed effects Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed

[Column] What is your next step ?

The mother was devastated. Her daughter was diagnosed with acute leukemia though they are evacuees. I heard this from my friend a couple of days ago. Because the mother is


[Column] I was terribly regretting, resenting my own decision

I was terribly regretting, resenting my own decision. Woke up to find my heart beating so hard. 3:00 AM September. 2012 NY I almost threw my blanket away and swallowed


[Where’s the flood?] Live update from Brooklyn NY under the “superstorm” Sandy

Fukushima Diary went for a night patrol of Brooklyn NY. Bedford Ave ~ Greenpoint 23:00 ~ 24:00  10/29/2012 Report : There was no flood in this area except for east


Trucks with Fukushima number and radiation mark were caught by picture in Miyazaki prefecture

Unusual spiking of radiation level makes people question if disaster debris is incinerated nearby. Miyazaki prefecture in Kyushu is about 1072 km from Fukushima plant. They are not supposed to