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Breaking news Domestic and global Environment Ecology

Still 12 μSv/h detected in Minamisoma city

On 6/2/2015, a Japanese citizen posted his radiation test video on Youtube. The measurement was implemented on the same day. This person has been posting his measurement videos since 2

Breaking news Domestic and global Environment Ecology

Sagamihara city scattered contaminated sand in 419 municipal educational facilities for “effective use”

Sagamihara city in Kanagawa “spread” the contaminated sand in 419 municipal parks and other facilities. The 419 facilities include nursery school, kindergarten, elementary school etc.   From the end of

Effects to be confirmed

Pediatrician “Increasing nosebleed in nursery schools reported in academic meeting. Some Doctors ”eye signaled””

A Japanese citizen commented on Twitter that the increasing nosebleed among nursery schools in Tokyo was reported in academic meeting. Also, some of the member doctors have already evacuated themselves


Minamisoma city board of education refused decontamination of private nursery school

In July of 2011, the sub principal of Yotsuba nursery school asked Minamisoma city board of education to decontaminate the facility building, but the board of education declined the request.


Cesium measured from school lunch ingredient in Niigata, west coast of Japan

  Your child may be forced to eat contaminated food for school lunch Cesium was measured from ingredient of school lunch. The school is in Niigata, on the west coast


Bura bura disease ? Fukushima children can’t climb a jungle gym

  Strong fatigue like Bura bura disease is observed among Fukushima children. It is not confirmed the relationship between radiation and their fatigue yet. On 7/9/2012, Ms. Hagiwara, an Economic

Sea contamination

Cesium 134/137 found in Hachijo jima 494 km from Fukushima

Cesium 134 and 137 were measured in Hachijo jima, where is 494km south to Fukushima. In this far island of Pacific ocean, they measured cesium from the play ground of

Food contamination

Contaminated mushroom was served for 3 more nursery schools

Following up this article..1400 Bq/Kg of Shiitake mushroom served in kindergarten 3 more nursery schools in Toyohashi city of Aichi purchased the shiitake mushroom from the same distributer which sold