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Radioactive debris of Fukushima nuclear plant to start overflowing the storage by 2015, Tepco has no detailed plan

According to Tepco, they are going to run out of the storage for highly radioactive debris in Fukushima nuclear plant by 2015. Currently the volume of debris produced from decommissioning


15 outside members of JP Nuclear Regulation Authority received 70 million yen from power and nuclear makers

JP Nuclear Regulation Authority has the outside members of 9 councils disclose how much money they received from power company and nuclear plant maker in past 3 years by self-assessment.

Contaminated water crisis

Contaminated water still contains 2,600 ~ 4,700 Bq/m3 of Sr-90 even after ALPS

According to NRA (Nuclear Regulation Authority), contaminated retained water of Fukushima plant still contains 2.6 ~ 4.7 Bq/L of Strontium-90 even after purified by ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System) based

Contaminated water crisis

[Another step to discharge contaminated water to the sea] Tepco to make a trial run of ALPS

Tepco plans to discharge contaminated water to the sea. In order to justify themselves to discharge retained water, they are building the new water purifying facility called ALPS, which is

Confirmed effects

MEXT staff leaked his own WBC data “Thyroid equivalent dose is 5mSv for 8 hours work”

A former MEXT staff (current nuclear regulatory agency staff) leaked his own whole body counter result. <Translate> I measured the ambient radiation level in Fukushima prefecture just after 311. I


Nuclear Regulation Authority collected principal members for emergency “just in case”

Having the M7.3 on 12/7/2012, Nuclear Regulation Authority collected principal members including the chairman Tanaka in the facilities of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, where emergency response system (ERC)


[NHK] NRA to question TEPCO executives

<Quote> [NHK] Japan’s nuclear regulatory body is set to question executives of Tokyo Electric Power Company about its policy to ensure safety at its nuclear plants. The Nuclear Regulation Authority,