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[Notice] Fukushima Diary to be under maintenance from 22:30 to 1:30 JST

When I was invited as a “contributor writer” of Fukushima Diary, I was still in Yokohama, and had no idea how this website works. 3 years have passed. Now I’m


[Notice] Fukushima Diary can accept donation directly at bank

Fear – This is what Fukushima Diary is fighting. When it comes slowly, you don’t even panic. Depending on the occasion, fear has two disguise. One is the lie, and


[Notice] Fukushima Diary got the PoBox

As Fukushima Diary corporation, I opened a PoBox finally. I used to borrow someone’s address before, but now I can genuinely have my own PoBox. If you kindly support by


[Notice] Paypal button for Fukushima Diary corporation added to the site but still received by me

I’m excited and also a little worried about my incorporating Fukushima Diary because I know some people don’t like “corporation” and they might feel like they are losing Fukushima Diary.