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Effects to be confirmed

Pediatrician “Increasing nosebleed in nursery schools reported in academic meeting. Some Doctors ”eye signaled””

A Japanese citizen commented on Twitter that the increasing nosebleed among nursery schools in Tokyo was reported in academic meeting. Also, some of the member doctors have already evacuated themselves

Effects to be confirmed

Doctor “Some junior high school students in Koriyama burn the nostrils by laser to stop intense nosebleed”

Some of the junior high school students burn the inner part of the nostrils by laser in Koriyama city Fukushima prefecture, a doctor stated. The doctor offers health consultation in

Effects to be confirmed

16 y.o Japanese model “Suddenly had lots of nosebleed at school”

  A Japanese model / TV personality, Kijima Anna (16) wrote on her blog that she suddenly had lots of nosebleed at school. It was a blog entry of 6/3/2014.

Effects to be confirmed

Fukushima elementary school infirmary reported in summer of 2011 “Unusual number of children had nosebleed”

  A Fukushima citizen posted on twitter that an elementary school infirmary reported that unusual number of children had nosebleed in 2011.   The citizen was a mother of 8

Effects to be confirmed

Japanese artist “My relatives are dying one after one, nephew got nosebleed too”

A Japanese dancer and singer, Uchiyama Maroka wrote on his blog that a lot of his relatives are dying one after one.   It was his blog entry of 5/28/2014.

Effects to be confirmed

Akita governor suddenly had nosebleed during a press conference

      Akita governor Satake Norihisa had nosebleed suddenly during a press conference of 5/26/2014. He was visiting Tokyo the previous day.   He treated it by himself and

Effects to be confirmed Misinformation

Fukushima local newspaper “Nosebleed in Fukushima prefecture has nothing to do with radiation”

  One of the major Fukushima newspapers reported that Fukushima citizens cannot have nosebleed due to the radioactive contamination.   It was “Fukushima Minpo”. They referred to Professor. Takamura from

Effects to be confirmed

Former school teacher in Iwaki city “Unusual number of children don’t grow up even 1cm”

A former teacher held a speech in Iwaki city. She was teaching at an elementary school in Iwaki city Fukushima until this March. She stated unusual number of students didn’t

Cover-ups Effects to be confirmed Plant hazard

[Express](Not radiation effect) Anonymous Fukushima worker “Can’t stop blood, mucus and membrane from nose and mouth”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   On 6/18/2013, an anonymous Fukushima worker reported his unusual health problem on Twitter. “This has nothing to do with radiation“, but

Effects to be confirmed

[Express] Woman in Fukushima city “Nosebleed like a waterfall at work”

Introducing important Tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> (Comment of Journalist Morita) A woman in Fukushima city had a serious nosebleed at work. It was like a waterfall.