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[Column] Fukushima Diary will always be the Live-report of what really matters for you

Soon I’m going to be settled. I’m starting to buy daily stuff little by little. Today I bought two T-shirts. They are used clothes for female, 4€ for each. The


CTBT measured unusually high level of Xe-133 and Xe-131m 4/8~4/9, Vienna “It’s due to N. Korea”

According to CTBT, Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty’s radiation monitoring post in Takasaki Gunma, unusual level of Xe-133 and Xe-131m were measured from 4/8 ~ 4/9/2013. CTBT in Japan comments Xe-133 has


Express “Potential missile attack would make Fukushima contamination nothing”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   N. Korean missile is reported by media as the highest priority. An interesting opinion was posted on Twitter. A certain number


Russia “Japan may develop nuclear weapon against the nuclear threat of N. Korea”

  According to Interfax, the chairman of Russian House Committee on Foreign Affairs pointed out the possibility of Japan to develop nuclear weapons against North Korea on 2/12/2013. Having North


MEXT immediately released the SPEEDI data for N. Korea nuclear test

Having North Korea’s possible underground nuclear test, MEXT released the simulation data of radioactive material, which is called “WSPEEDI-Ⅱ”. It simulates the possible spreading fallout until 18:00 of 2/13/2013. When


[Surrealism] MOE reinforces radiation monitoring for the nuclear test of N. Korea

In the afternoon of 2/12/2013 (JST), North Korea announced the success of its third underground nuclear test. *1 In order to protect Japan from the radioactive contamination, Ministry of the


[Column] 3 reasons why we must stop loving Japan

There were some reasons why I left Japan. One of the biggest reasons was the spreading radiation, but another reason was the rising fascism. I did not talk about that


[Column] Japan expecting a Christmas present from North Korea

North Korea “kindly” announced they are going to launch a missile from 12/10 to 12/22/2012, they even announced the time to launch, which is from 7AM to 0PM. I wish


Japanese government set ground based interceptor missile in Tokyo against North Korea

On 11/30/2012, Fukushima Diary reported North Korea is seen preparing rocket launch as soon as next week. [Link] In the evening of 12/5/2012, Japanese government set ground based interceptor missile


[Bloomberg] North Korea Seen Preparing Rocket Launch as Soon as Next Week

<Quote> [Bloomberg] North Korea has moved two sections of a long-range rocket to a launch site in preparation for a firing that may come as soon as next week, according