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Food contamination

Elementary school student in Tokyo area, “We should think all the food is contaminated. We are just left to die.”

A Japanese blogger reported a conversation of the children. The elementary school students were eating steamed buns with meat filling near a convenient store after a cramming school at night.

Natural disasters

M5.4 hit North Japan offshore (Sanriku oki)

M5.4 hit Iwate, Miyagi offshore. The largest seismic scale was 2.   Source   Iori Mochizuki _____ Italiano: Terremoto di magnitudo 5.4 ha colpito la costa nord del Giappone (Sanriku

Natural disasters

M6 in North Japan again

Following up this article..M7 and Tsunami alert for North Japan   The epicenter is the same as the last one. It’s 10km deep again. Soon it will arrive at Tokyo.