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Still 960,000Bq Cs-134/137 and 2,336,000,000Bq noble gas discharged from reactors to the air every single hour

On 5/25/2015, Tepco reported still 960,000 Bq / hour of Cesium-134 and 137 is assumed to be discharged from Reactor 1 -4 to the air this April. This is 2.7


Austrian Meteorological Agency”16,700 Peta Bq of Xe133 released, 2.5 times much as Chernobyl, the largest in history”

According to The Central Institution for Meteorology and Geodynamics of Austria, 16,700 Peta-Bq of Xe-133 was released into the environment. It was the largest civilian noble gas release in history,


Density of Krypton85 is more than 9 times much as before in reactor1

Increase of Krypton 85 is detected in PCV of reactor1, which suggests nuclear fission is on-going. (cf. Intermittent increase of Krypton-85 to suggest on-going nuclear fission in reactor1) Tepco announced