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[Photo] Still over 1 μSv/h measured beside a rice field in Tochigi

On 2/7/2016, a Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that over 1 μSv/h is still detected next to a rice field in Tochigi prefecture.   According to the post, the measurement

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Still over 4 μSv/h measured in a park of Nasushiobara city

On 7/31/2015, a citizen’s researcher surveyed the radiation level of a park in Tochigi prefecture and posted the footage on Youtube. The park is Nasunogahara park located in Nasushiobara city. The

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[Photo] Deformed “Shasta daisy” in Nasushiobara City / 0.5 μSv/h at 1m above the ground

On 5/27/2015 and 6/21/2015, a Japanese citizen in Tochigi prefecture posted the pictures of some deformed plants in his neighborhood on Twitter. The area is  Nasushiobara City. The plant is assumed


A park in Nasushiobara city Tochigi “(Official) 0.42μSv/h → (Actual) 1.82 μSv/h”

A citizen radiation researcher posted the measurement video on Youtube. The location is Nasunogahara park Tochigi. Measuring date was 7/6/2013. The board of the management office in the park posts


1.8 μSv/h in a park of Tochigi, 105km South West from Fukushima nuclear plant

  A citizen’s researcher surveyed the radiation level of a park in Tochigi. It’s in Nasushiobara city, where is in 105 km South West from Fukushima nuclear plant. This is

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4.5 μSv/h on the soil of Nasushiobara city Tochigi, “officially it’s 0.151μSv/h”

4.5 μSv/h was measured on the soil in the park of Nasushiobara city Tochigi. You see people taking a walk in the park in the video below. The ambient dose


98.8 Bq/Kg of cesium from honey produced in Tochigi

According to Nasushiobara city Tochigi, 98.8 Bq/Kg of Cs-134/137 was measured from honey produced in the city. The sampling date was August in 2012. 39.9 Bq/Kg of Cs-134 and 58.8


Monitoring post of Tochigi indicated radiation level suddenly dropped by 0.15μSv/h and stable,”Decontamination ?”

The monitoring post of Nasushiobara city Tochigi indicated the radiation level dropped from 0.46μSv/h to 0.30μSv/h on 10/26/2012. It started dropping at 9:30 and stopped at 15:30, and the radiation