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10,502 Bq/Kg from Karuizawa Nagano, 253km from Fukushima

It’s not only Tokyo area to be contaminated, but also Nagano to be damaged. Though it’s surrounded by mountains, fallout reached. 10,502 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured in Nagano. It

Food contamination

Cesium concentration reached mountains of Nagano

  Japan is small. Fukushima fall out has reached most secluded areas far from Tokyo. Even if you feel like it is far, it’s not far for radiation at all.

Domestic and global Environment

Protozoon detected in drinking water source of mid Japan “cause unknown”

  A type of protozoon called Cryptosporidium [Link] has been detected from drinking water source since last year in Nagano. It causes parasitic disease but can’t be chlorinated. The environment


32 swallows found dead at the water purification plant in Nagano

Related to this article..1.4 million Bq/kg from the nest of swallow TV Asahi reported 33 swallows were found dead at the water purification plant in Iida city Nagano on 6/24/2012.


More fasciated dandelions in Nagano

5 flowers are connected. It was found in Hakubacho Nagano. A local newspaper “Ohito times” reported it.     Source     Iori Mochizuki


1,000 Bq/kg from human excrement in Nagano

High level of cesium was measured from human excrement  in many forms  such as dewatered sludge, incineration ash, and drought sludge etc.. The highest reading was 930 Bq/kg. The samples were taken