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Japanese guitarist from the ARROWS got thyroid cancer, metastasized to a lymph node

On 12/10/2012, Mr. Yamauchi, a Japanese guitarist (35) from “the ARROWS” went into hospital to have a surgery to remove this thyroid on 12/11/2012. This September they diagnosed his thyroid


6 celebrities reported to be hospitalized or dead within a week

Six famous celebrities have been reported to be sick or dead within a week. 1. Comedian Tanaka from “Bakusho mondai”. Age : 47 Symptom : Infectious mononucleosis, impairment of liver function, acute


Japanese musician confessed he got sudden deafness on his blog

A Japanese pop musician Suga shikao confessed he has been having sudden deafness since one year ago. He announced it on his blog on 10/29/2012. His right ear can’t hear