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Food contamination

Contaminated mushroom was served for 3 more nursery schools

Following up this article..1400 Bq/Kg of Shiitake mushroom served in kindergarten 3 more nursery schools in Toyohashi city of Aichi purchased the shiitake mushroom from the same distributer which sold

Food contamination

1400 Bq/Kg of Shiitake mushroom served in kindergarten

    1400 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from Shiitake mushroom served for school lunch of a kindergarten. It was 3/21/2012, in Okazaki city Aichi. 2kg of the mushroom was

Food contamination

1,526 Bq/Kg of cesium from Shiitake mushroom sold at a supermarket

  An independent researcher measured 1526 Bq/Kg of cesium from Shiitake mushroom. It was sold at a supermarket in Yokohama. It’s only labelled as “From Japan”. The processing factory is

Food contamination

Mainichi newspaper deleted the article about contaminated food in school lunch

  In south Okinawa, they found contaminated king trumpet mushroom used in school lunch after having the students eat it. It was produced in Nagano. It contained 1.12 Bq/Kg of

Food contamination Malformation

Mutation of mushroom from Tokushima

Mutation of mushroom was found at a supermarket, which is from Tokushima, in Shikoku. The person who found this suspects the bed log was contaminated.(Source) 大きな地図で見る   They also found