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[Express] Uniquely shaped mullein in south part of Ibaraki

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. ↑ Normal mullein [Wikipedia]   <Translate> (What the hell ? Mullein with unusually concentrated leaves. South Ibaraki. Photo taken 6/21/2013.) Uniquely shaped


Deformed plants in South Ibaraki

Deformed plants are found in a contaminated area of Southern Ibaraki.    ↓ Double-headed corn. [Link]   ↓ cf. Tokyo metropolitan Government Office building 【茨城南部、高濃度汚染地帯の奇形植物】まずは、普通のビロードモウズイカ twitter.com/KazenoChisoku/… — 知足さん (@KazenoChisoku) 7月