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“Worried about living in the disaster area”, 30,000 Tokyo households moved / Same number as Fukushima

30,000 households in Tokyo moved from 311 to 10/1/2013 “being worried about living in the disaster area”, surveyed by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. This is the same number as


[Column] The way I took Moscow~ Vienna~Munich

To get my health back, to escape from the anticipated fascism rising in Japan, and to reduce the size of the country by one person (=me), I left my country


[Column] Pilot flame for the day to flare up

It’s been a week since I came to Arad in Romania. I finally got my apartment. It’s actually a house with the shared yard. The rent is 130 €/month, so


[Column] Nothing’s gona stop us moving on

2 days ago, I was invited to an event of a near kindergarten. It was to exchange international cultures for 2 ~ 6 years old kids. It was my honor