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Breaking news Natural disasters

M6.1 hit western Japan / JMA “Connection with a potential great earthquake is not known”

According to JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), M6.1 occurred offshore Mie prefecture at 11:39 of 4/1/2016 (JST). It affected the large area of mid-western Japan. The maximum seismic intensity was 4.

Breaking news Ecology Malformation

Japanese citizen “Home grown carrots are TOO STRANGE this year”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that the carrots in yard grew to be “very strange” this year. The person is an engraver artist living in the North part of


[Not radiation effect] Mutated cabbage with 4 small ones outside and 10 inside, produced in western JP

As Spring is coming and plants are growing, more and more mutated flowers and vegetables are found. A cabbage was found for sale with a little special feature, which has