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Breaking news Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Anonymous NISA staff “All NISA staff escaped Fukushima plant by 3/12/2011″/”It’s meaningless for us to go back”

NISA (Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency of the Ministry of Economy)’s inspectors escaped from Fukushima nuclear plant by 3/12/2011, Fukushima accident investigation committee published the report on 11/12/2014. It was


Former town mayor Idogawa “JP Gov knew 311 to happen 8 days before, 3/3/2011 but gov & power companies concealed it”

On 7/16/2013, the former mayor of Futaba town, Idogawa held a campaign speech for the election in Shinjuku. In the speech, he stated, “On 3/3/2011, Japanese government knew earthquake and


Tepco doesn’t plan to build sacrophagus in Fukushima nuclear plant

On 6/6/2013, Fukushima decommissioning management team held a meeting for medium and long term road map. The team consists of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Education, Culture,

Cover-ups Domestic and global Environment

[Concealment] J gov excluded Fukushima and Miyagi for tapwater test of Sr-90 in 2011

On 3/28/2013, Fukushima prefectural government announced they measured 0.0028 Bq/L of Strontium-90 from raw water. 0.0014 Bq/L was also measured from tapwater in Fukushima. The samples were taken at 3

Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

Am-241 and Pu-238/239/240 measured from offshore Fukushima, Miyagi, Ibaraki, MEXT “Within normal range”

According to MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), 0.54 ~ 0.71 Bq/kg of Americium-241 and 0.011 ~ 0.021 Bq/Kg of Plutonium-238, 0.96 ~ 1.4 Bq/Kg of Plutonium-239/240

Plant hazard

Ministry of Defense detected Xe-133 from the atmosphere of Aichi offshore “halflife is 5 days”

  On 2/13/2013, Ministry of Defense conducted aircraft monitoring of radioactive material for N. Korea’s nuclear test based on the forecast of WSPEEDI-Ⅱ. (cf, [Surrealism] MOE reinforces radiation monitoring for


MEXT immediately released the SPEEDI data for N. Korea nuclear test

Having North Korea’s possible underground nuclear test, MEXT released the simulation data of radioactive material, which is called “WSPEEDI-Ⅱ”. It simulates the possible spreading fallout until 18:00 of 2/13/2013. When


The radiation level monitored in Nasu town hall in Tochigi still drops at 8AM every weekday

Fukushima Diary reported the radiation level in Nasu town hall drops at 8AM of everyday except for Sunday.[URL] According to MEXT, it still drops down on the regular basis. In


[Express] 0.07 ~ 0.10μSv/h on the second floor of Universal City station in Osaka,”As double as before 311″

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   @hanayuu 大阪のユニバーサルシティ駅に着きました。こちらの空間線量率は0.07〜0.10μSv/hです。地上二階ほどの高さなので何の影響かはまだ分かりません。 p.twipple.jp/MAjKJ — N崎さん (@Nzaki0716_sub) 2013年1月26日 <Translate> Arrived at Universal city station in Osaka. The atmospheric dose is 0.07 ~


Defense counsel of Fukushima group evacuation lawsuit, “3 police officers died of acute leukemia in 40~50km area”

According to laywer Yanagihara of defense counsel about Fukushima group evacuation lawsuit, 3 police officers died of acute leukemia. “福島県の相馬地区は、原発から40~50キロも離れているところです。たしかに、原発事故直後、盗難などを防止するために多くの警察官が派遣されていたそうですが、3名もの急性白血病による死者というのは、水面下でたいへんな事態が進んでいるということです。子どもたちの避難(疎開)を、国が率先して進めないと今後とんでもない被害が予想されます。” <Translate> Soma area of Fukushima prefecture is 40 ~ 50