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Natural disasters

Metropolitan Police Dept found seawater turned green near Miyake-jima, Maritime Safety Agency “No abnormality found”

According to the Maritime Safety Agency, a helicopter of the Metropolitan Police Department found seawater turned to be green on the east of Miyake-jima island. On 4/17/2013, over 20 quakes


“Metropolitan police department seeking the organizer of the 45,000 demonstration”

Following up this article..[Hydrangea revolution] 45,000 joined demonstration against the restart of Ohi nuclear plant A former news reporter tweeted below,   RT @minami_rika: 警視庁が、今回の抗議デモを指揮してる人を探してるようだ!!!いろんなところに電話をしてるみたいですが、このデモは、普通の国民が自分の意志で集まったのに、勘違いも甚だしい!また政府が警視庁に指示したのだろう!そんな政府や内閣、議員など支持し … — マロさん (@marosann) 6月