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Settlement report 6/13/2012

    In a couple of hours, I will fly to North America. I must get out of Europe now. It’s sad but am excited to see the world too.


Drug abuse of Fukushima workers

  Mr. Suzuki, a Japanese yakuza journalist reported Fukushima workers have been arrested for drug abuse. He worked at Fukushima plants from July to August to report the connection between


NHK reported the risk of internal exposure in June 2009

↑ The black lines are the radiation.   NHK broadcast a TV program about internal exposure risk of the victims by Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombs though they keep reporting


NHK reported Fukushima plants were safe before Tepco confirmed after an earthquake

  NHK reported there is no problem at Fukushima plants on TV before even Tepco confirmed it. At 12:20:48 1/12/2012, a M5.8 hit Fukushima, it was scale 4. About 5