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Cesium from baby food made in Aichi, “hasn’t been published since August”

Cesium was measured from baby food produced in Aichi prefecture. It was sold in Yokohama city already. However, it hasn’t been published since August, for 2 months and a half.


Kitakyushu city turned off monitoring post to incinerate disaster debris

Kitakyushu city in Fukuoka prefecture started incinerating disaster debris on 9/17/2012. The monitoring post nearby the incineration facility was found turned off.   皇后崎処理工場近くの陣原市民センター前なう。本当だ!モニタリングポスト昼間は数値出てたのに、夜は消えてる!これ測ってんのか? #北九州市 twitter.com/syan666/status… — syanぱみゅぱみゅさん (@syan666) 10月


Evacuees bashing, “Evacuees spread harmful rumor outside of Fukushima prefecture”

Asahi newspaper reported that evacuees are bashed in Fukushima prefecture. For reviewing general prefectural policy, Fukushima prefectural government is holding local conferences around in Fukushima. In this conference, evacuees, who


Elementary school in Tokyo banned parent’s circle, joining SNS, exchanging emails

A public elementary school in Tokyo banned parents from gathering in a circle. They also banned them from joining SNS, exchanging email address too. Picking children up is also banned.


[Mainichi] Stress alone caused ulcers after 3.11 disasters

<Quote>  [Mainichi] SENDAI — Peptic ulcers in some patients in Miyagi Prefecture were caused solely by stress from the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami, a study has


Fukushima local gov required Tepco to announce it was safe after the explosion of reactor3

  Government is to save your life. This turned out to be totally an illusion. At least Fukushima local government was more afraid of losing their human tax farm than

Cover-ups Plant hazard

Fukushima worker “If you have heatstroke in Fukushima plant, you’ll be fired”

  Working in the protective clothing is extremely hard and now it’s very hot. However, because of the shortage of nuclear workers, they can’t not even take enough rest not


Ministry of health concealed the survey data of atomic bomb victims

Fukushima disaster is often compared with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, however, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare concealed the survey data of atomic bomb victims. Even the publishing schedule is not announced.

Core removing struggle

[Yomiuri・Jiji] Panel: Meltdown denials extremely inappropriate

<Quote> [Yomiuri・Jiji] It was “extremely inappropriate” for a government nuclear regulator to first imply and then later deny possible nuclear reactor core meltdowns in the wake of the crisis at


Japanese media only mentioned cancer related mortalities

Following up this article..Japanese media reported the number of the death to be one in tenth Kyodo news mentioned only cancer related mortalities of 130. On the other hand, ABC