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Natural disasters

Meteorological agency warns to stay alert to further aftershocks

On the regular press conference of Meteorological agency held on 12/20/2012, the director Hatori warned to stay alert to strong aftershock that may cause Tsunami. As to the M7.4 on

Spent Fuel Pools

Tepco to stop coolant system of SFP in reactor3 from 12/12 to 12/18 in the risk of aftershock after M7.4

At 14:02 of 12/12/2012, Tepco stopped the coolant system of SFP in reactor3 to add valves and check clack valves. It will be stopped until 12/18 while Meteorological agency is

Natural disasters

The M7.4 of 12/7/2012 was actually 2 continuous different earthquakes

About the M7.4 of 12/7/2012, Earthquake Research Committee of the government announced it was two continuous earthquakes which are separated. According to the analysis of meteorological agency and Earthquake Research

Natural disasters

Meteorological agency revised the M7.3 to be M7.4, “It was something different from a simple outerrise earthquake”

On 12/7/2012, Fukushima diary reported the M7.3 was an outerrise earthquake. [Link] However, Japan meteorological agency corrected themselves to state it wasn’t M7.3, it was M7.4 and it wasn’t a