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Natural disasters

USGS reported the Japanese “M6.4” as M6.9

At 23:17 of 2/2/2013 (JST), a large earthquake hit Hokkaido. [URL 1] Japan Meteorological Agency reported it to be M6.4, but USGS reported it to be M6.9.   ↓ Japan

Natural disasters

[Raindrop?] Strange light captured in the official live camera when M6.4 Hokkaido, before the power blackout

At 23:17 of 2/2/2013 (JST), M6.4 hit Hokkaido. [URL 1] A strange light was captured in the live camera when the earthquake hit. The live camera is assumed to be

Natural disasters

[Earthquake] M6.4 Hokkaido

M6.4 hit Hokkaido. The seismic scale is 5+. It was 2 around Fukushima plant. It reached Tokyo too and the seismic scale was about 2 as well.     http://typhoon.yahoo.co.jp/weather/jp/earthquake/20130202231700.html

Natural disasters

M6 in Fukushima

M5.9 hit Fukushima offshore. Scale 5 in Hamatori. Nothing is observed to change from Fukushima live camera.     Source     Iori Mochizuki

Natural disasters

M6 in North Japan again

Following up this article..M7 and Tsunami alert for North Japan   The epicenter is the same as the last one. It’s 10km deep again. Soon it will arrive at Tokyo.