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Japanese citizen “Fukushima kindergarten turns a blind eye to highly contaminated ingredients and serves lunch”

Photo is just an image of general food testing   A Japanese citizen posted on Facebook. The credibility can’t be verified but Fukushima Diary decided to publish it as precautionary approach because


Cesium from school lunch in Zushi city Kanagawa, “Always from frozen tangerine in Kanagawa”

Cesium-134/137 were detected from school lunch in Zushi city Kanagawa. (270 km from Fukushima plant) The contaminated products are always frozen tangerine produced in Kanagawa prefecture. 福島原発から270キロ離れた神奈川県逗子市の給食からセシウムが検出されました。 汚染された食材は全て神奈川県で生産された冷凍みかんです。   Date