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Contaminated water crisis

Another leakage at reactor 4. 100 microSv/h on surface

    Tepco failed in pipe pressure resistant test to have contaminated water leak. 1/20/2012, Tepco tested the pressure resistant by using low level of contaminated water before transferring high

Contaminated water crisis

Highly radioactive water was found at 4 more locations

Tepco found highly contaminated water stocked at additional 4 locations in the trench facilities. 1. In the pit of water circulating pomp at reactor. 500 m3 Cs-134 : 7.1*10^3 Bq/cm3 Cs-137

Contaminated water crisis

Contaminated water was found leaking into two more tunnels

Following up this article .. Tepco found 140 tones of contaminated water leaking in a tunnel under the reactor Tepco found out contaminated water has leaked into two more tunnels

Contaminated water crisis

Winter cold may freeze and break the water purifying system

Water purifying system of Fukushima has the hose which runs over tens of kilometers, outside. Most of the parts are made of usual vinyl chloride material, which you can buy