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Breaking news Natural disasters

M7.0 hit South West of Kyushu

According to JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency), M7.0 occurred offshore of Kagoshima  prefecture at 5:51AM on 11/14/2015 (JST). The maximum seismic intensity was 4. The depth of epicenter was only 10km.

Breaking news Natural disasters

US life insurance company “MassMutual” to split headquarters Tokyo & Fukuoka in 9 month for “disaster risk in Tokyo”

On 6/26/2014, an American life insurance company “MassMutual Life Insurance Company” announced that they are going to split the headquarters function into Tokyo and Fukuoka of Kyushu, western Japan. They

Effects to be confirmed

Evacuee to Kyushu “Blood test result became back normal after 3 months staying in Western Japan”

A Japanese citizen commented on Twitter that the blood test results including white cell count became normal 3 months after relocation to western Japan. Unfortunately, Fukushima Diary couldn’t identify the

Food contamination

[Photo] Tied-sales of Kumamoto vegetables and Fukushima vegetables

Tied-sales of the vegetables from Western Japan and Fukushima was found. 2 packs are marked down to sell for 100 JPY, one is from Kumamoto in Kyushu, and the other

Natural disasters

M7.3 caused scale1 even in Saga prefecture Kyushu and Ogasawara islands

The M7.3 earthquake [Link] reached Saga prefecture in Kyushu and Ogasawara islands in Pacific ocean. It shows how vast the earthquake affected around Japanese islands.     Iori Mochizuki _____


[Contamination reached far western Japan] 80 Bq/Kg of cesium from tea leaves produced in Kagoshima

According to the analysis of Citizens’ nuclear information center, 80 Bq/Kg of cesium134/137 was measured from tea leaves produced in Kagoshima prefecture, where is the furthest western part of Japan


Fukuoka school lunch association has been purchasing food from Fukushima since August 2011

Fukuoka prefectural school lunch association has been purchasing food from Fukushima at least since August 2011. School lunch material from Fukushima are recorded on their radiation measurement data published on


Radiation level in Yahata ward office has been increasing after starting debris incineration in Kitakyushu city

Kitakyushu city in Fukuoka prefecture started incinerating disaster debris on 9/17/2012. The radiation level of Yahata ward general office in Kitakyushu city has been steadily increasing.     Source  


[Express] Another nuclear plant will be restarted

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. 民主党の細野豪志政調会長は21日、薩摩川内(さつませんだい)市内の街頭演説で、九州電力川内原発の再稼働を明言しました。詳しくは明日の「しんぶん赤旗」で。 — 赤旗政治記者さん (@akahataseiji) 10月 21, 2012 <Translate> On 10/21/2012, Hosono, the policy chief of Democratic Party of Japan had a soapbox

Food contamination

Cesium from mushroom made in Kyushu, sold in west coast of Japan

According to the report of  Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, cesium was measured from mushroom made in Ohita prefecture, in Kyushu of western Japan. It was sold in Niigata