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[Not Radiation Effect] “Mutated dandelions are all growing on the sides of the pavements in Koto ward Tokyo”

It’s been a while since last time Fukushima Diary reported plant mutation. Though it has nothing to do with radiation, mutated plants are increasingly found in eastern Japan. The person


Black substance keeps coming back

Following up this article..240,000 Bq/Kg at 5km from Imperial Palace Mr. Ishikawa, who found this black substance finds the same substance at many other locations in Tokyo. She tweeted like


Increasing black substance in Tokyo

Following up this article..Possible black substance in Tokyo More reports are coming up about black substance in Tokyo.     今日の「黒い物質」@東京。1μSv/h~1.295μSv/hの帯(クリアパルスA2700)。大量。1.3μ近いところを採取。座標は 35.697188,139.843485 twitter.com/3sisters3/stat… — 石川あや子 (@3sisters3) March 27, 2012