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Kepco to pay OBs 1,500,000$ by raising power rates

Kepco is going to raise the power rates by 11.88 % for households from this April. However, they are going to pay their 14 OBs 1,544,103$ (140,000,000¥) as “advisors”. One


Edano, minister of Economy “Power rates have been insanely cheap”

On 11/30/2012, Edano, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry stated power rates have been insanely cheap, related to The Kansai Electric Power Company, Incorporated and Kyushu Electric Power Company, Incorporated


[Ajisai] Footage of 7.29 protest

Following up this article..[Ajisai] Protestors broke through police barricade The best video footage of 7.29 protest was uploaded. I really represents the atmosphere of the event.   Iori Mochizuki

Support by eating

TV asahi removed the video of Kepco “Even if we have enough power, we need to restart nuclear.”

Following up this article..Power company “Even if we have enough power, we need to restart nuclear plants.” The short youtube video of the scene when Kepco clearly stated “Even if


[Ajisai Revolution] 170,000 people joined protest in Tokyo “We won’t die in insult.”

[Link]   On 7/16/2012, 170,000 (reported by the organizer) people joined another protest against the restart of Ohi [Link]. Protesters gathered in Yoyogi park Tokyo, where is in front of


Anonymous watching Japan

Following up this article..[Ohi] Ohi nuclear plant restarted. -Let’s make our new Japan Anonymous is getting involved in Japanese political situation about nuclear.     #OPJapan: Hello Japanese Government. It


[Ohi] On a rainy day

[Link] Young generation are always sent to the front line whether it’s police or army. But this is the fight against nuclear. so we must protect them from black rain.


[Ohi] Ohi nuclear plant restarted. -Let’s make our new Japan

  At 21:00 of 7/1/2012, Ohi nuclear plant reactor3 was restarted. Riot police has started suppress the peaceful protest. This is the declaration of war against Japanese citizens.    


[Live] 20 mins to restart Ohi nuclear plant

    It’s 20 minutes left before the restart of Ohi nuclear plant. Protest is still on-going.     Live Video streaming by Ustream Live Video streaming by Ustream Streaming


[Live] Protest surrounded by riot police

  Riot police broke into the back of the protest. Citizens had their tents and lights taken by police. Now they are surrounded.       Live video from your