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[Photo and Map] 2.39 μSv/h on the ground of Tokyo, February 2014

A Japanese citizen posted his radiation measurement results on Twitter.   2/8/2014 (Snow) Katsushika ward Tokyo, municipally owned apartment   From google street view.       3/26/2014 Rain gutter


Metro gov’t denies Mizumoto park in Tokyo needs radiation decontamination

<Quote> [Mainichi] The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has rejected a local politician’s call to decontaminate a park where high concentrations of radioactive cesium have been detected, saying radiation levels are not


290,000 Bq/Kg at 18km from National Diet

They find black substance in many locations of Tokyo. 290,000 Bq/kg of extremely highly concentrated cesium was also found at 18km (11.18 mi) from Japanese National Diet, reported by Mr.


Radiation over scale in Katsushika Tokyo

Too radioactive to measure. Dosemeter of Horiba indicated over scale (Over 9.99μSv/h) in Katsushika Tokyo. Measured on 4/5/2012. 4/5/2012、東京都葛飾区でガイガーカウンターの上限値(9.99μSv/h)を上回るホットスポットが見つかりました。   Iori Mochizuki


8μSv/h in Katsushika ku Tokyo

8μSv/h was measured under rain gutter in Kanemachi Katsushika ku Tokyo. This is near Mizumoto park.     Iori Mochizuki


Black substance found in Katsushika ku Tokyo

大きな地図で見る     Following up this article..Increasing black substance in Tokyo Highly radioactive black substance was found in Mizumoto park of Katsushika ku  Tokyo too.     A Tokyo citizen