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171 Bq/Kg from a school playground sand in Kamakura city / Jumped up over 6 times as last year

On 10/20/2015, Kamakura city government announced they measured 171 Bq/Kg from the earth of a playground at an elementary school. The school name is Yamasaki Elementary School. Cs-134 density was

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Japanese citizen “School checkup said “No remark”, but a general hospital found goiter with my son in Tokyo”

A Japanese citizen posted on Twitter that there is a possibility that school in Tokyo conceals the thyroid abnormality of students.   0:07 6/22/2014 “It was pointed out that my

Confirmed effects

4 children diagnosed thyroid abnormality only with visual inspection and palpation without ultrasound in Abiko city

Doctors found thyroid abnormality among children only by visual inspection and palpation in Chiba.   Last September, Abiko city in Chiba announced they implemented thyroid test in elementary school and

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Doctor “Some junior high school students in Koriyama burn the nostrils by laser to stop intense nosebleed”

Some of the junior high school students burn the inner part of the nostrils by laser in Koriyama city Fukushima prefecture, a doctor stated. The doctor offers health consultation in

Natural disasters

Ebina city board of education to shut down their educational facilities for the potential eruption of Mt. Fuji

Ebina city board of education in Kanagawa decided to abandon the educational facility “Fuji communication forest” in the end of this November. The facility is situated in Yamanashi prefecture. It’s


[Express] “Over 300Bq/Kg from most of the jerseys for junior high school students in Kohriyama city”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   <Translate> Measurement of the jersey trousers for junior high school students in Kohriyama city Fukushima.Over 300Bq/Kg measured from most of them


Fukushima school requires parents to sign on a letter of acceptance to have students clean the pool

A junior high school in Fukushima prefecture sent a letter of acceptance to the parents. They are going to have swimming class this year. The school is going to have

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[Express] “Fukushima junior high school girls talk about thyroid test in the daily life”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates. 今日の女子中学生の会話…甲状腺のエコー検査の結果どうだった?A-1だったよ!いいなあ~私はA-2…私もそうだったよ!A-2って癌になるんでしょ私たち!A-3よりはいいよね…どうしようもないってお母さん言ってたし…こんな会話をさせて私ごめんなさい謝ることしかできませんでした — yoshinemo 13さん (@yoshienemo13) 1月 21, 2013 <Translate> (kohriyama city Fukushima) I heard this conversation of junior high school girls today..

Effects to be confirmed

73 students required to have detailed examination of heart in Toride city Ibaraki, “2.6 times much as last year”

3 citizen’s organizations in Toride city Ibaraki published elementary school and junior high school students who were required to have detailed examination of heart have rapidly increased since last year.

Effects to be confirmed

[Chernobyl Cataracts ?] The percentage of students of vision worse than 1.0 became the highest ever since 1948

According to Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the percentage of students with vision worse than 1.0 is the highest in 2012 since they started the survey in 1948.