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Fukushima journalist “Oshidori” found several wiretaps around them

The independent Fukushima journalist duo “Oshidori” found they were wiretapped. (cf, Independent Fukushima watcher Oshidori “Root of a tooth is frequently broken” [URL])   22:08 6/5/2014 (JST) “I wonder if

Effects to be confirmed

Independent Fukushima watcher Oshidori “Root of a tooth is frequently broken”

Related to this article.. Japanese citizen “3 teeth fell out within a day” [URL]   Oshidori, the independent Japanese journalist duo specialized in Fukushima accident (cf, Tepco did not conduct


Fukushima documentary A2 had possibly NO media coverage after press conference of Foreign Correspondents’ Club

On 7/10/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “[Strategy shift ?] JP major companies sponsor European film fes to award honest Fukushima documentary “A2″” [URL] From the interview of Fukushima Diary with the


Tepco bans journalists from taking cameras to Fukushima nuclear plant other than primary ones

Tepco plans to accept journalists to Fukushima nuclear plant to report inside on 6/11/2013. However, they ban the journalists from taking cameras to the plant without approval of Tepco. Tepco


[Express] Oshidori “had fever of over 38℃ for 4 times this year already”

Independent journalist / comedian Oshidori is having health problems. Fukushima Diary wrote the column about them on 2/24/2013. [URL]   <Translate> Me and my husband had fever yesterday suddenly. He


[Column] Save the real journalists

  Oshidori mako / ken They were Japanese comedian but showed their anti-nuclear attitude clearly after 311. Just like Fukushima Diary and other blogs, they quit trusting mass media never,


[Column] “so if it’s that serious, why none of the major media covers that up ?”

In my second week of NY, a friend of mine introduced me to a journalist. He teaches at a college. I went to meet him and had an “interview” supposedly.


[Column] Living evidence

People don’t believe me living on blogging. and it’s not even advertisement, it’s donation. When I left Japan last December, I had no idea how to live on. In France,


[Express] Decommissioning a nuclear reactor makes the area money too

Fukushima Diary reports important tweets under [Express]  almost simultaneously so we won’t miss the moment of an inspiration.     09年に運転が終了した原発と原発で栄えた街を訪ねた。 産経新聞の記事とは違い、廃炉で雇用が生まれており、ショッピングセンターなど新しい施設が誕生していた。 — 田中龍作さん (@tanakaryusaku) 10月 14, 2012 <Translate> (Mr. Tanaka,


Mr. Hizumi, Japanese freelance journalist passed away

Following up this article..Yamashita admits he exaggerated the safety of under 100mSv/y The journalist who got this statement from Yamashita, Mr. Hizumi (1963-2012) passed away at 20:28 6/12/2012. He was