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Escaped plan 12/23/2011

It’s been a week since I left Japan. Now it’s honestly much less stressful to live. No need of taking care about food ,air ,and water. During this week ,sore


NHK manipulates the report of JP PM Noda’s press conference

    The video is perfectly organized. 12/16/2011 ,JP PM Noda declared cold shutdown for some reason. At the press conference ,they arranged set-up questions of corrupted reporters and NHK


Japanese lab rejects urine and breast milk test

Following up this article http://fukushima-diary.com/2011/12/internal-exposure-map-is-open/ Japanese people finally started to try to check the internal dose amount. To determine the internal dose, urine test is one of the best ways


News: July 27, 2011

A monk of a temple in Fukushima is willing to accept contaminated soil.”Dedicating my life for people,it’s what a monk is for.” No local gov nor tepco doesn’t accept the


Column of the Day: July 26

Contamination has spread all over in Fukushima,and now all the rest of the Japan is being contaminated by food and people’s greediness. More than 4,000 cesium beef were distributed to