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Cesium-134/137 detected from the body of 20 citizens in Kashiwa city Chiba / 11 are under 6 years old

On 7/3/2014, Kashiwa city of Chiba announced they detected Cesium-134/137 from 20 citizens.   Kashiwa city government supports the citizen under 18 years old and pregnant women for a part

Effects to be confirmed

Cesium-134/137 measured from 37% of infants’ excrement in Kanto ~ Tohoku district in 2011

From the research of a citizen’s radiation monitoring station, Cesium-134/137 were detected from used diapers of 37 of 100 infants. Those infants are from 7 prefectures of North ~ Kanto

Effects to be confirmed

Rubella pandemic “Rubella causes neonatal heart disease”

  Rubella explosively spreading in Japan. According to Infectious Disease Surveillance Center [Link], the number of patients is already 3 times much as last year. The number of the patients


NHK, “3 years old children are stressed from the anxiety of radiation”

Following up this article..Nausea and headache of Fukushima children increased from 6% to 38%. Gov “It’s stress.” The same researching group from Fukushima university conducted a research for 3773 parents

Effects to be confirmed

Infant death of heart disease doubled as 2010 in Fukushima

In 2011, infant deaths of disease were significantly more than 2010.   The sample is the deaths of 1 ~ 19 years old children in Fukushima. Comparing to 2010, the


Ads of infants’ radiation protective clothing on newspaper

Advertisement of radiation protective clothing for infants was found on local newspaper, “Fukushima minyu”.   2 pieces of clothes : 1575 (incl tax) Type 1 : height 95cm~100cm Type 2

Effects to be confirmed

Voice of the streets

Because I’m not in Japan anymore, I can’t interview people on the streets, but I can introduce some tweets of Japanese people. Japanese people are shy. They don’t like to


Infant exposed to 9 mSv from June to September

Fukushima local government published the exposure data. Last June, they distributed the query to ask their past behavior (location, staying inside/outside) to 29,103 people in Namie machi, Iidate mura, and


Safety limit of infant food and milk will be 100 Bq/Kg.

Following up this article ..MHLW manipulated new safety food limit On 2/16/2012, councilor of radiation belonging to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare returned the final report to raise the


Councilor of radiation is led by a pharmaceutical company and ICRP

Following up this article ..Japanese government is going to raise the safety limit for infant The Councilor of radiation belonging to Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has emeritus professor,