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50,000 tones of radioactive wastes are over 8000 Bq/Kg

    Radioactive waste which they measured more than 8,000 Bq/kg are accumulated about 50,000 tones in 13 prefectures, Ministry of the Environment announced on 3/30/2012. Currently Japanese government is


70,400 Bq/Kg from ventilation system of incineration plant in Tokyo

High level of cesium was measured from dusts stuck in air filters of the waste incineration plant in Sumida Tokyo.   (Measurement date : 1/18/2012, cesium 134+137) 1. Dusts on


12,100 Bq/Kg from sludge ash

Bureau of sewerage in Tokyo published the measurement data of radiation contained in the incinerated ash of sewage sludge. It is not the incineration ash of radioactive debris, but just


Rapid increase of fall-out is because of incineration of radioactive waste

Following up this article ..Fukushima fall-out spiked up again The reason why fall-out level spiked up in the beginning of this year might be from incineration of radioactive garbage and


Contaminated agricultural products are incinerated without resident’s permission

Agricultural products which are banned to sell are incinerated and the residents around the incineration facility are worried about the radioactive ash. A lot of agricultural products are thankfully banned