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Sea contamination

Cesium 134/137 found in Hachijo jima 494 km from Fukushima

Cesium 134 and 137 were measured in Hachijo jima, where is 494km south to Fukushima. In this far island of Pacific ocean, they measured cesium from the play ground of


4,800 Bq/Kg of iodine 131 was measured in Tokyo

4,800 Bq/Kg of Iodine 131 [Link] was measured from fly incineration ash of Ariake waste incineration plant. The sample was taken 5/17/2012. It’s located beside Rainbow bridge or Odaiba, where


Back ground:Incineration of Radioactive and Mixed Waste

<Quote> [Link]   Incinerators burn waste at high temperatures. The main purpose of incinerating radioactive waste is to reduce waste volume, since a large proportion consists of bulky items such


Debris truck raised atmospheric dose from 0.06 to 0.612μSv/h

↓ Cossack Dance of police   ↓ Number plate of the debris truck   ↓  Dosemeter shows extraordinary high level of radiation     Following up this article..Kitakyushu city starts


1,000 Bq/kg from human excrement in Nagano

High level of cesium was measured from human excrement  in many forms  such as dewatered sludge, incineration ash, and drought sludge etc.. The highest reading was 930 Bq/kg. The samples were taken

Contaminated water crisis

Local official purged for being against spreading radiation

      Mr. Murata Tomoaki, a town councilor of Manazuru town in Kanagawa received resignation advisory resolution from town council. He is blamed for commenting they should not spread


Cesium from sewage sludge is increasing in Chiba

Cesium 134 and 137 from incineration ash of sewage sludge are increasing in Chiba from the beginning of 2012.   (Bq/Kg) Date Sample Cesium 134 Cesium 137 Cesium total 4/4/2012


This is how incineration ash of 16,000 Bq/Kg is deposited

Incineration ash of over 8,000 Bq/Kg is supposed to be carefully shielded by concrete, but it is not actually. 8,000 Bq/Kgを超える焼却灰は適切にコンクリートで固められ、ケースに保管されることになっていますが、実際はそうではないようです。 These pictures are where incineration ash of 16,000 Bq/Kg


3150 Bq/Kg from incineration ash of disaster debris

  High level of cesium was measured from incineration ash of disaster debris. 高濃度のセシウムが瓦礫の焼却灰から検出されました。 No. 1 blast furnace 1号炉 406 ~ 542 Bq/kg No. 2 blast furnace 2号炉 436 ~


Hidaka city mayor passed away

Following up this information..Hospitalized Hidaka city mayor was at incineration test of debris 2 days before Hidaka city mayor, Osawa Yoshio passes away from cardiac infarct. It was 0:46 3/31/2012