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Mr. Yamamoto Taro’s mother moved abroad

Actor / activist, Yamamoto Taro tweeted his mother has been sick since Osaka started incinerating debris. (cf, [Express] Yamamoto Taro “Since Osaka started incinerating debris, my mother has been sick”

Malformation Support by eating

Confusing medical industry and demographic statistics help JP gov conceal the radiation effect on health

Suspicious reaction of the hospitals for the children and pregnant women This April, Saitama medical center will double the beds of neonatal intensive care unit to 60, and increase the


Tokyo still accepts 148 tones of debris to incinerate per day

Tokyo started accepting debris to incinerate on 11/2/2011. They are going to accept debris from Iwate and Miyagi up to 500,000 tones by 2013. According to the clean association of


[Express] “Severe nausea after debris incineration in Osaka”

Introducing important tweets as [Express] for simultaneous updates.   焼却場から5km地点在住。昨日・今日とも激しい吐き気に襲われました。職場に行ってからも、仕事の途中で何度もトイレに駆け込んで嘔吐。目がかゆくて鼻水も止まらず。私は花粉症もないし、こんなの初めて。今は吐き気は落ち着きました。焼却が終わったせい? — blackberroさん (@blackberro) 11月 30, 2012 <Translate> I’m living within 5 km from incineration facility. Since yesterday, I have been


Saitama prefecture is going to start recycling disaster debris to cement

  More houses will be built from radioactive concrete. 3 local governments in Saitama are going to accept disaster debris to recycle into cement. In one of the cities, the


Incineration facility gets full of radioactive material, has to restart incineration

  Radiation keeps getting accumulated in the environment. Even incineration facility is getting full, they are going to incinerate radioactive material. Incineration facility restarted incinerating radioactive material in Kashiwa Chiba.


Iodine 131 measured at purification center in Shizuoka and increasing

Iodine 131 is measured from dired sludge and incineration ash at purification center of Shizuoka prefecture. About incineration ash, the iodine 131 level is increasing from 11/11/2011.   Incineration ash

Sea contamination

130 million Bq of cesium has leaked to Tokyo bay in Yokohama

    ↓ Zeolite   Radioactive garbage can be treated as normal garbage if it’s less than 8,000 Bq/kg. Yokohama city deposits incinerated ash of normal garbage at the final


Radioactive sewage sludge and incinerated ash stocked 100,000 tones in 12 prefectures

At the moment of 2/3/2012, in 12 prefectures, radioactive contaminated sewage sludge and incinerated ash are 97,000 tones, which is 360 % of the amount of last July. Fukushima 30,000