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70% of Fukushima municipal govs not to conduct internal exposure test for under 4 y.o, “Children are too small”

In Fukushima prefecture, over 70% of the municipal governments don’t conduct internal exposure test called WBC for children younger than 4 years old. They state it is because the testee


Two kindergartens in Fukushima held a sports meeting outside

On 9/29/2012, two kindergartens in Iidate village held a sports meeting in their provisional facility in Fukushima city. The kindergartens are Kusano and Iitoi kindergarten. Last year they held a


Silent Spring comes to Fukushima

Following up this article..32 swallows found dead at the water purification plant in Nagano Japan Wild Bird Association tweeted like these below,   先月、放射性物質のツバメへの影響を調べるため飯舘村に行きました。空間線量は平均して4~5µSv/h、地上は高いところで8µSv/hありました。水田は放棄地となり、全村民が避難していてツバメは数個体しか確認できませんでした。 環境 (続く) tl.gd/i0sm0a — 日本野鳥の会ツバメさん (@wbsj_tsubame)


Half of the villagers of Iidate mura don’t have intention to go back

  All of the villagers evacuated Iidate mura Fukushima. Villager’s organization to hope for permanent moving from Iidate mura surveyed their intention to go back to the village. The questionnaires


Disposal field of highly radioactive waste is in the river-head area of Minami soma

  Mr. Oyama, city councilor of Minamisoma shi warns highly radioactive waste will contaminate river-head area of Minamisoma. Currently, radioactive soil produced from decontamination in Iidate mura is deposited in

Sea contamination

18,700 Bq/Kg from fish in Iidate mura

Following up this article..Fukushima local gov is dumping radioactive mud from decontamination to Abukuma river 18,700 Bq/Kg of cesium was measured from trout caught in Niidagawa of Iidate mura, Fukushima


A Fukushima citizen proved monitoring post was manipulated

Following up this article..Monitoring post manipulated Mr. Ito Nobuyoshi, a Fukushima farmer compared the radiation level of a monitoring post to the one of a different place, and found a


Life in 20km

HCR, an NPO in Minamisoma reported what’s behind the beautiful story about Fukushima. This is the reality. <Quote> 「殺してやりたい」 “wish I could kill him.” おばあちゃんは、耳元で、3度、そう言った。 Old woman said that beside