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Effects to be confirmed

Female idol “Had shiver, went to a hospital to be ordered to be hospitalized for risk of rupture of internal organ”

A female idol, Nagase Risa commented on Twitter that she was ordered to be hospitalized as a result of seeing a doctor for sudden fever and ache in viscera.  

Effects to be confirmed

Japanese female idol “Left ear suddenly started bleeding, terribly hurts”

  A Japanese female idol “Yamamoto Sayaka” from NMB48 commented on Twitter that she had her left ear bleed all of a sudden.   16:10 6/5/2014 (JST) “Left ear bled


Japanese Idol, Ms. Nakagawa Shoko “Tooth got chipped”

A Japanese idol, Ms. Nakagawa Shoko was reported to have bruise on her thighs and fingers in the winter of 2011. (cf, More bruise on eastern Japanese [Link]) On 1/21/2013,


Another member of Tokio hospitalized

Following up this article..Japanese idol on “Support by eating” positive from WBC Matsuoka(35), from the same idol group Tokio was hospitalized for dehydration. At 9:00 of 4/17, he visited a