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Tepco inspected reactor1 / Elevator shaft and isolated column severely blasted / Cooling condenser full of debris

Even under the blasted 5th floor, the elevator shaft and the isolated column are severely damaged in reactor1 building. On 2/26/2014, Tepco and NRA (Nuclear Regulatory Agency) conducted the inspection


Radiation level increased around when M5.7 hit Fukushima

Following up this article..Earthquake at Fukushima : could it be an hydrogen explosion ? Around when M5.7  hit Fukushima at 2012/01/23 20:45:41 (JST), radiation level increased around in Tokyo too. Tokyo


Earthquake at Fukushima : could it be an hydrogen explosion ?

There is a lot of suspicion that earthquakes at Fukushima could be hydrovolcanic explosions or hydrogen explosions. This afternoon again, an earthquake has hit the damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant.


What was Fukushima ?

  This is been one of the biggest theme of this blog, and my activity. It’s still vague but we are slowly starting to know what it actually is. From


Felt like something exploded underground, several Fukushima people talked

Following up this article ..Hydrogen explosion of reactor 4 may have happened on 1/9/2012   A Fukushima citizen, who evacuated to Akita, the next prefecture tweed about the situation of

Natural disasters

Fukushima citizen “Recent earthquake is something different”

Fukushima citizens tweet that recent series of the earthquake feel different from usual ones. mainakata311 麻意☆福島県民 福島に震災後からずっと住んでいて直感が鋭い人なら気づいてると思うんだ、急に地震の揺れ方とかが変わったよね?地下で何かが爆発してるみたいなドカンてくる地震に変わった事。 <Translation> I think everyone has noticed it if they live in Fukushima since