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Special Rapporteur of Human Rights Council UN “Urine and blood test for internal exposure should be conducted”

On 5/24/2013, advance unedited version of the Special Rapporteur from Human Rights Council UN was released. The Special Rapporteur, Anand Grover visited Japan from 11/15 to 11/26/2012. In this report,


Kawasaki city mayor, “School serves radioactive lunch for educational purpose.”

Schools keep serving contaminated lunch for the students and they don’t even solve the problem. (cf. Cesium from finished school lunch in Miyagi) Tokyo newspaper reported Abe, the city mayor


Noam Chomsky mentions Fukushima

Japanese justice decided not to give the right to evacuate for Fukushima children. Noam Chomsky sent a message for it to show he supports the victims.   On 2012/01/12, at