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Effects to be confirmed

Female idol “Had shiver, went to a hospital to be ordered to be hospitalized for risk of rupture of internal organ”

A female idol, Nagase Risa commented on Twitter that she was ordered to be hospitalized as a result of seeing a doctor for sudden fever and ache in viscera.  

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Another Fukushima worker hospitalized for emergency

According to Tepco, a subcontract company worker claimed the physical deconditioning at 9:45 AM of 8/30/2013. He was treated in the emergency medical care room, and the doctor judged he


Futabamachi mayor Idogawa immediately hospitalized

Around 7AM of 1/20/2013, Futabamachi mayor, Idogawa was hospitalized for emergency. He was claiming his head feels heavy and dizzy. He can walk by himself. He stayed at a hotel


Ex-prime minister Kan Naoto was hospitalized for car accident

The election campaign car of Kan Naoto, ex-prime minister crashed to a steel pole beside a divider around 15:30 of 12/13/2012. Kan Naoto and 2 other people were hospitalized. It was


[Celebrities going sick] Japanese comedian Miyasako to be hospitalized for stomach disease

Fukushima Diary has been reporting about celebrities becoming sick or hospitalized. (cf. 6 celebrities reported to be hospitalized or dead within a week [Link]) Miyasako Hiroyuki, a Japanese comedian is

Effects to be confirmed

Date city mayor was hospitalized for acute cardiac infarction

Following up this article..Cardiac arrest case was doubled after 311 3/14/2012 Mr. Nishida, Date city mayor was hospitalized for acute cardiac infarction. At 20:40, he noticed a subjective symptom at