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Food contamination

Cesium from 1 in 4 local products for self-consumption in Minamisoma city Fukushima

On 9/11/2012, Minamisoma city government announced they measured cesium from 169 of 693 products in this August. They measured radiation in products for self-consumption. They measured over 100 Bq/Kg of


13,299 Bq/Kg from home-grown rosemary in Kashiwa

It’s very difficult to judge what to eat, what not to eat in Japan. Radiation measurement of local governments and supermarkets may not be trustworthy. However, it seems like we


192.5 Bq/Kg of cesium from citron in Kashiwa city Chiba

Now that it’s becoming harder and harder to get the uncontaminated food, some people are thinking home-grown food is safe. However, the problem is the contaminated soil. From the food