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U.S. Sailors won key court decision to go forward with class action against Tepco, GE, Toshiba and Hitachi etc.

Following up this article.. The US Navy sailors’ complaint refers to Fukushima Diary [URL]   The federal judge, Janis L. Sammartino published the decision to let U.S Navy Sailors go forward with


“Mitsubishi Heavy Industries trying to quit being in cooperate with Areva”, a Fukushima worker

Following up this article.. 3 vice presidents of Tepco’s new Fukushima company are from nuclear makers / Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Hitachi GE [URL]   The government of Japan and Tepco are


0.453μSv/h in the park for Rock in Japan Fes 2013 (No postponement for rain)

On 5/11/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “1.16μSv/h in the park for Rock in Japan Fes 2013 (No postponement for rain) [URL]” 0.453 μSv/h was still measured on the bench in the


1.16 μSv/h in Hitachi seaside park in Ibaraki, “111km from Fukushima nuclear plant”

A radiation researcher of citizen uploaded the photo of the radiation measurement. The location is in Hitachi seaside park in Ibaraki. It’s in 111.2 km south of Fukushima nuclear plant.


The young of the sardine from offshore Ibaraki in Pacific ocean will be shipped

  Regardless of the fact that neighbor countries ban importing Japanese food and products, local processing countries are going to ship fishery food as of 8/20/2012. (cf. South Korea added


Black substance in Hitachi city Ibaraki

  Following up this article..240,000 Bq/Kg at 5km from Imperial Palace Radiation measurement of black substance in Hitachi city Ibaraki, where is about 100km from Fukushima. It’s on the school