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5.3 μSv/h in Hitachi city Ibaraki

On 4/10/2013, high level of radiation was measured in the park of north part of Hitachi city Ibaraki. It is assumed that radioactive material is accumulated with the water. The


1.16μSv/h in the park for Rock in Japan Fes 2013 (No postponement for rain)

On 5/1/2013, Fukushima Diary reported “1.16 μSv/h in Hitachi seaside park in Ibaraki, “111km from Fukushima nuclear plant” [URL]” On 5/9/2013, 1.158 μSv/h is still measured in this park. Because


[Official monitoring post] “Comparing with personal dosimeter is banned”

It’s widely known that the official monitoring posts manipulate the radiation reading to make it look less than actual. (cf, Japanese gov admitted monitored radiation level is indicated to be

Effects to be confirmed

[It happens] 0.60~0.80 μSv/h measured from a man in Ibaraki directly on his body

High level of radiation was measured from a man in Hitachi city Ibaraki, where is 100km from Fukushima plant. He’s been living in Hitachi city Ibaraki for 10 years. He


[Video] Over 1.0 μSv/h of ambient dose in Hitachi city Ibaraki, “100km from Fukushima”

  On 2/23/2013, high level of atmospheric dose (1m from the ground) was measured in the parks of Hitachi city Ibaraki. It’s 100km away from Fukushima plant. When the strong

Domestic and global Environment Sea contamination

Reality of Japanese beach

Following up this article..[Guardian] Fukushima beach reopens to the public They measured the radiation level in the beach of Hitachi city Ibaraki (90km from Fukushima). The contamination level is presumed