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Core removing struggle Plant hazard

Only 1 measuring point remains available to measure temperature in RPV of reactor2

Having the last one broken, we will not know the temperature inside of RPV2. On 9/4/2012, Tepco reported the unusually high rate of temperature increase in reactor2. [Link] They determined

Core removing struggle Plant hazard

[Reactor2] Tepco is having a difficulty to install a new RPV thermometer

Every time Tepco measured extreme change of PCV temperature, they concluded that the thermometer was out of order historically. They have few sound thermometers left at this moment, they are

Plant hazard Spent Fuel Pools

In case coolant system stopped in any SFP, Tepco can’t measure temperture

Related to this article..[Emergency] Coolant system of reactor 4 stopped In the daily press conference of 4/27/2012, Tepco stated they lose the manner to measure the temperature of each SFP

Spent Fuel Pools

Probably coolant system of SFP recovered

Coolant system of SFP at reactor4 was restarted at 16:04  4/13/2012, Tepco announced in their press conference of the same day. 4号機プールの冷却装置は16:04に再起動したと東電が発表しました。 However, for the potential increase of the temperature,


Reactor 1 goes over 100℃ within 8 hours without nitrogen injection

The temperature of reactor 1 was increased from 48℃ to 54.4℃ when the nitrogen injection stopped (90 mins) on 4/4/2012, Tepco stated in their press conference of 4/7/2012. On 4/4/2012,


Hydrogen concentration increased 4 times higher at reactor 2

Following up this article..Reactor 2 is reaching 80℃ On 3/22/2012, Tepco announced that they would not use the heating temperature because it’s showing the different pattern from other gauges. However,


Reactor 2 is reaching 80℃

Following up this article..Temperature of reactor 2 increased by 11℃ within a week Since 3/19/2012, the temperature of reactor 2 has increased by over 8℃.   2012/3/20 11:00 70.0 2012/3/21


Temperature of reactor 2 increased by 11℃ within a week

Tepco changed their data format to release on 3/16 11:00 for some reason. However, from the parameter data they release, it is observed that reactor 2 is being heated again.


Reactor1 heated

  On the press conference of 3/16 PM, Tepco announced that the temperature of reactor 1 is increasing. They still don’t know the reason. For the question of TBS, Tepco


Tepco is trying to put new heating gauge for reactor2

Actual Fukushima worker Happy11311 tweeted like this below   続き3:あと今日の作業で2号機の格納容器内に新しい温度計を入れる場所の調査が行われたでし。こちらも早く新しい温度計を入れないと今のままじゃ数値の正確性にかけるもんなぁ…。いずれにしても建屋内はどこに行っても線量高いから簡単に作業は進まないでし。 — ハッピー (@Happy11311) March 15, 2012   <Translate> Today we searched for the place to put new heating gauge into