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Effects to be confirmed

Yamashita stated on NCRP “Obesity, hyperlipidemia, and liver dysfunction increasing, but it’s due to evacuation”

In NCRP The Tenth Annual Warren Sinclair Keynote Address of 3/11/2013, Yamashita Shunichi stated variety of health problems are already reported in Fukushima. He reported The 2011 Comprehensive Health Check

Effects to be confirmed Misinformation

Nurses evacuate Fukushima to save their children from the potential risk of radiation

Fukushima prefecture is facing a serious shortage of nurses and health workers. The biggest reason is nurses have evacuated to save their children from the potential radiation risk because of

Effects to be confirmed

20% of junior high school students have hypertension in Tochigi. Gov “It’s stress.”

  Related to this article..The highest atmospheric dose is in Tochigi (Apart from Fukushima)     From the result of physical examination in 2011 for elementary school and junior high