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Kada from Japan future party, “We can take collective action with Japan restoration party”

Kada from Japan future party to be thought to be an anti nuclear political party commented it is possible for them to take collective action with Japan restoration party. Hashimoto

Misinformation Support by eating

[Column] Japan may seek solution of Fukushima in drifting to the right

Japan is going to have the 3rd prime minister after 311 from the election planned on 12/16. The new prime minister is likely to be Abe of LDP. He is


Osaka city to force all the junior high school students to consume school lunch

Having measured radioactive material in school lunch, Osaka city mayor, Hashimoto is going to start school lunch system at all the 128 public junior high schools in Osaka by next


[Debris incineration] Osaka is going to accept debris from Iwate

  Hashimoto, Osaka city mayor in Osaka decided to accept debris from Iwate. 36,000 tones of wood chips will be accepted by 3.2014. They are concerned about the radiation contained


[Hashimoto]Populist Japan mayor grooms candidates for national stage

Following up this article..[Hashimoto] ‘You have no fundamental human rights’ <Quote> [Reuters]   (Reuters) – Gathered in a hall in the city of Osaka, about 900 students at Toru Hashimoto’s


[Hashimoto] ‘You have no fundamental human rights’

This is not directly related to Fukushima, but because it is important to know how fascism is rising in Japan, I post this. <Quote> [Japan Today] Osaka Mayor Hashimoto: ‘You